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Your AWS costs shooting through the roof keplerworx knows how to help

Enterprises globally are leveraging the power of the AWS cloud to attain operational resilience, business agility, and better productivity through their IT solutions that too while saving a substantial amount of capital.  With over 1 million companies using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon is leading the cloud market worth $252.70 Billion.

However, did you know while AWS proffers so much if mishandled or mismanaged can be a nightmare for you mainly in terms of costs. But the idea is nobody does it deliberately, just that not everyone is well aware of how to conduct AWS cost optimization.  This is why in this article we are going to discuss some of the main factors that surge your AWS costs. We will also discuss how KeplerWorx, a trusted AWS partner, can help you control your costs. So, let’s get started!

Why Your AWS Costs may be shooting through the Roof?

Several factors are contributing to your AWS costs, some of which are given below:

1. Instances aren’t right-sized

Your AWS instances are not rightsized, and that their sizes do not correspond to your workloads. Although the AWS instances’ capacity gets halved when they go down in size, they get doubled when going up in size. Moreover, the other reason behind cost surges is you are trying to fit your workloads to a family they don’t go well with. 

2. On/off times aren’t scheduled

Maybe you haven’t scheduled the on/off times for instances that are used for development, staging, QA, and testing. Maybe your instances are running all the time, even when they are not in use.

3. Inadequate Utilization of Reserved Instances

While buying reserved instances can help you save big, if not utilized well you end up paying for something you didn’t use as such.

4. Unattached EBS volumes

In case you are launching an EC2 instance, you should know that an EBS volume is attached to it that functions as local block storage for it. Your monthly bill has its contribution from your existing EBS volumes. So, if left undeleted on termination of EC2 instances, it stays active and keeps on adding to your bill.

5. Unattached Elastic IP addresses

Though not big for one instance, the unattached Elastic IP address incurs some costs if not released with the termination of instances. However, considering all your accounts, each with at least two unreleased unattached IP addresses, it can sum up to make a big amount that you have to pay for no good.

6. Zombie Assets

Unattached EBS volumes and unattached IP addresses are two examples of zombie assets themselves. There are a few more like unused Elastic Load Balancers, components initiated while your instance failed to start, etc., which when left unterminated add up to your total AWS costs.

How We at KeplerWorx Can Help You Control Your AWS Costs?

Did you know, 35 percent of cloud spend of most enterprises goes to waste? However, sometimes it is not easy to recognize what’s going to waste. If you can identify what is being wasted, reducing costs isn’t a big thing. Through its various AWS cost optimization services & models, KeplerWorx not only finds out unused resources but even those that are underused, and tackles your cost & cash challenges.

We have already discussed above a few examples of where your money is getting unnecessarily exhausted. By helping you leverage the lowest instance types & price regions, shutdown workloads not in use, take advantage of the discount options, etc., KeplwerWorx helps you reduce costs substantially.

To help you save money, the Amazon trusted partner, provides you with tools and processes that control costs across cloud platforms you are leveraging. Not just that the Managed Services Provider owns various cloud resources and helps you in making all necessary adjustments required in AWS cost optimization. They help you leverage automation so that you optimize your spending continually.

Moreover, with KeplerWorx Oрtіmа, streamlining your cost optimization efforts becomes far easier. It provides you with saving recommendations, collaborating on which you can not only take automated action but can also track your cost-saving initiatives’ progress.

Perhaps, these are all the reasons why KeplerWorx has been awarded the most prestigious “Rising Star Partner of the Year” by AWS. So, collaborating with the MSP will certainly help you in reaping maximum ROI (Return on Investment) and improving the TTV (Time to Value) of your AWS cloud.

Wrapping Up

Remember, AWS cloud cost optimization is an ongoing process and not a one-time job. The AWS cloud must be monitored consistently to uncover assets that are not utilized or under-utilized so that you could reduce the AWS costs more efficiently. As we discussed above, if you need supplemental help for optimizing AWS costs well, you can always take help from KeplerWorx. Click here to fill up your details so that an expert from KeplerWorx can get in touch with you.

About KeplerWorx

KeplerWorx іѕ thе Consulting partner соmраnу for еntеrрrіѕеѕ mоvіng to the cloud with various solutions including DC/OS, Kubernetes, ECS or just lift and shift model. Helping clients like Axa GulfDubi CarsEntertainer, and more.

Frоm ѕtrаtеgу to operations, KeplerWorx ассеlеrаtеѕ еnd-tо-еnd сlоud аdорtіоn wіth thе bеѕt ѕеrvісеѕ, ѕоftwаrе and intellectual рrореrtу аvаіlаblе on thе mаrkеt. Our сlоud adoption рrоgrаm аnd dіgіtаl innovation ѕоlutіоnѕ help уоu асhіеvе buѕіnеѕѕ rеѕultѕ faster, nо matter whеrе уоu аrе іn уоur cloud trаnѕfоrmаtіоn.

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