Profound global changes in the use of technology and the nature of work
have urgent implications for how we educate and transfer knowledge and skills to young people and prepare them for the today’s market. Employers are increasingly looking for youth who are fexible, adaptable, proactive, creative and collaborative. In short, youth need soft skills: the broad set of skills, attitudes, behaviours and personal qualities that enable them to effectively navigate their
environment, work with others, perform well and achieve their goals.
There is a growing awareness of the value of soft skills to both employee productivity and the healthy development of young people in general. The development of soft skills is deeply intertwined with academic and technical skill development.

At Kepler Worx we strive to contribute value in commercial sector as well as socially, through collaborating with various initiatives globally with our realistically competitive initiative.

Janbaaz Competitions, is an initiative by having compound reach of over 1,000,000+ people of Pakistan, mainly involving youth as key participant in various activities. For more information, visit