Cost Optimization

In online business, operational problems are non-deterministic which creates the need to having support teams on call, over-provisioning hardware resources, tightly coupled deployments and employing hardware technicians and so on. In public cloud, each cloud provider understands the problem and offers a solution to overcome these problems.

Without the mandatory knowledge of the public cloud, often system administrators repeat the same mistake and it results in the high cost and fragile infrastructure.

We think about four areas of cost optimizations:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Cost effective resources
  • Expenditure awareness
  • Optimising over time

Amazon offers improved security and speed along with various tools to help you reduce the cost of your current infrastructure. We work with different tools including Amazon Trusted Advisor, detailed billing reports and Total Cost of Ownership calculator to understand your needs and suggest organizations to reserve resources for future use.

Cost Optimisation Strategy:

After research, we provide a detailed strategy to the customers to reduce their cost. Although it differentiates for each customer, few are the basic pillars to reduce cost.
  1. Reserve Instances.
  2. Optimize Amazon S3
  3. Use Cloud Front for publicly served images.
  4. Leverage the spot market
  5. Data Transfer
  6. Unused Infrastructure