AWS Now in UAE Region

The AWS UAE Region Launch​

As an AWS dedicated partner in the UAE, KeplerWorx is proud to support the launch of the AWS UAE Region. Since 2019, organizations in the UAE have used KeplerWorx’s AWS DevSecOps expertise to build their ideas, improving everyday life for people and communities across the country. We invite you to take advantage of our Region Launch special offers.

Region Launch Offers

Free AWS region to region migration

One month free usage

Free SecOps for one month.

Free Cost optimization assessment for existing AWS customers

500 AED gift for new customers launching on AWS UAE region

Free security audit for existing AWS Customers

Why KeplerWorx

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Why Choose KeplerWorx?

You Can’t Reduce Your Dependence on IT but By Partnering with KeplerWorx You Can Assign It To Safe Hands For Sure!

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Businesses Strategic Planning
Monitoring and managing your IT system is not the only task we do. We provide forecasts related to your future IT needs. Our proactive support ensures consistent updating and upgradation of your IT infrastructure that, in turn, evades downtime, crashes, and viruses.
Support Services

The KeplerWorx team of IT experts not only provides cloud migration management services but also provides 365*24*7 IT support. The best part is you are free from the hassles of upgrading your IT infrastructure and upskilling your IT staff.

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"Workloads" successfully move to Cloud.
Decisions like migrating to the cloud are big and need expert advice. The veteran IT professionals at KeplerWorx have left no stone unturned in discerning and dealing with the cloud loopholes. Their advice matters.
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IT Projects Accomplished

We take your worries of managing the everyday IT Operations, so you can work more intensely towards implementing your business strategy and reap better returns on every single penny you invest.

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Dedicated Consultation Service
A one-size-fits-all strategy seldom pays when it comes to IT solutions. We provide tailor-made IT consultation service based on the needs and requirements of each client. We don’t work towards meeting your targets, we work towards exceeding them. Our IT consultation service will help have an extra edge over the fierce competition that there due to the ever-evolving IT landscape.
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Customer Satisfaction
Teaming up with KeplerWorx for your IT needs will help you have access to not only more and better IT infrastructure but also various critical IT enterprise applications like Oracle and SAP with adding to your Capital Expenditure. Moreover, since the pricing is usage-based, you can stay away from over-provisioning. We charge you based on our performance so efficiency and productivity are kind of guaranteed. In short, when you grow, we grow and like any other business, growth is our bottom line.