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AWS Training Services (Official ATP Partner)

Build the Skills Your Team Needs

In our fast-paced world, it is essential to keep up to speed with developments in cloud technology. Individuals and businesses who are given proper training and support in their professional development are likely to be more motivated with an advanced knowledge base, leading to an increase in overall productivity.

KeplerWorx AWS Training and Certifications:

With the accelerating adoption of cloud computing and the AWS Cloud around the world, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to identify individuals with demonstrated knowledge of AWS best practices.

AWS Training Partner

As the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorised Training partner in Palestine, we are authorized to deliver AWS official Training programs to customers and deliver our own curricula to accelerate adoption and success with the AWS platform.

AWS Certified Trainers

Our official training is always delivered by Certified Trainers, that are trained, certified, and continuously supported by AWS and our KeplerWorx Team.

AWS Training Courses

AWS training courses are designed around the three primary roles that constitute engineering teams delivering cloud-based solutions: solutions architect, sysops administrator, and developer.

  • * Due to current circumstances, our courses are delivered virtually and are available upon request.

AWS Certifications

Through expert instruction via boot camps, courses, and hands-on labs, we prepare organizations and professionals to earn AWS certifications.

AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals that possess the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing, deploying, and managing applications on the AWS platform. Earning certification helps you gain visibility and credibility for your proven experience working with AWS, as well as contributes to your organization’s proficiency with AWS-based applications.

AWS certifications certify the technical skills and knowledge associated with best practices for building secure and reliable cloud-based applications using AWS technology.

Earning AWS Certification enables you to:

  • Demonstrate that you have skills, knowledge, and expertise to design, deploy, and manage projects applications on the AWS platform
  • Gain recognition and visibility for your proven skills and proficiency
  • Foster credibility with your employer and peers