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UAE, India, Palestine, Europe
UAE, India, Palestine, Europe

Did you know signNow’s award-winning eSignature solution is in our portfolio and available to purchase through KeplerWorx on the AWS Marketplace? Join here:

What is signNow?

signNow keeps business moving forward by automating even the most complex paper processes. It is a legally binding eSignature solution that simplifies the signing and management of documents online – making teams more productive.

Why do we think signNow is the right eSignature for you?

signNow is eSignature that scales with your workflows:

  • signNow offers a user-friendly interface. They regularly score higher in this category than their competitors and win awards for this.
  • signNow offers robust features in parity with competitors. They are truly enterprise-grade features, but for much less.
  • signNow offers more flexibility with utilization. They allow 1200 sends / user / year, which is about 10X more than most competitors.
  • signNow is priced about 25% lower than our competitors for comparable plans, while also allowing more sends / user / year.
  • signNow retires AWS EDP commitment. If purchase through AWS Marketplace, 50% of the transaction total will retire your EDP commitment. signNow is the only eSignature solution available on the AWS Marketplace

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