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UAE, India, Palestine, Europe

How Managed AWS Hosting Can Help Your Enterprise Enhance Performance?

Moving to the cloud in this digital era is one of the most obvious steps an enterprise would take if they want to survive the impacts of the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Choosing AWS for that is the choice that the majority of them make. Perhaps, this is the reason why, more than 1 million companies are using AWS for cloud solutions, making it lead the $252.70 Billion cloud market. Whether these are Fortune 500 companies or SMEs, the AWS cloud is favored by all. But did you know, there is a darker side to the AWS migration as well, and that it also brings a lot of challenges with itself, especially if you don’t have sufficient cloud expertise by your side?

The AWS migration, management, and maintenance need a lot of expertise, effort, and time. If mishandled, it can bring you huge capital loss, architectural glitches, security loopholes, etc. Building a team of well-seasoned cloud experts will help you overcome all the AWS challenges but then that will require you to put a huge capital at stake again. The best alternative, however, would be to switch to managed AWS hosting services. Here are the top eight ways how managed AWS hosting can help you reap maximum ROI. So, check out them one by one.

Way#1: Helping You Save Costs Directly & Indirectly

An AWS consulting partner or a managed services provider (MSP) helps you cut down operational costs both directly & indirectly. By delegating your AWS cloud management tasks to an MSP, you not only get rid of the expenses involved in building a dedicated team of cloud experts but also achieve several indirect cost benefits through better performance, increased uptime, enhanced security, and so on. Moreover, the monthly fee that you pay to an MSP in exchange for the services they give is far less than what you may end up paying in building and upskilling your cloud team.

Way#2: Providing You with the Right Cloud Expertise

Infrastructure management involves a lot of activities that include configuring the system, managing access control & security, optimizing resources, managing backup & disaster recovery, implementing automation, and so on. Your IT staff may or may not be adept at everything. The MSP team at the same time has rich experience in managing all these for different clients across different sectors. Since they are exposed to different cloud environments, they know well what works when where, and why. 

Way#3: Evading Downtime and Increasing Productivity

Downtimes can put your system on pause costing you hugely. MSPs have a proactive approach towards detecting threats. They consistently monitor your IT infrastructure for its effective management & maintenance and make use of sophisticated equipment for instilling security.  

Way#4: Altering and Scaling Your Infrastructure & Resources

Whether yours is a large enterprise or small, meeting the market demands is one of your most primary goals.  And, as far as market demands are concerned, they are too dynamic. It could be a seasonal spike up or a sudden surge in your traffic, you must be prepared to make the right alterations and scale your infrastructure & resources accordingly to gain business growth & stability. An MSP helps you remain productive by taking care of all such issues.

Way#5: Automating the Common Infrastructure Activities

Indeed, automation is one of the best features of cloud computing, however, doing it just for the heck of doing won’t solve the purpose. The MSPs make sure to automate all those tasks that could be such as patch management, change requests, backup & security, etc. This is how they help you save both time & effort. While managing your daily infrastructure operations, they implement the AWS cloud best practices for reducing operational expenses and mitigating risks.

Way#6: Providing Ultimate Network Security

While infecting, malware does not discriminate on the grounds of whether your business is large, medium, or small or what industry it belongs to. This kindness by malware may cost you big data. However, a reputed MSP by your side can help you shield your infrastructure network against intrusions and threats by providing you with robust security solutions. Apart from providing 24*7 support services, most MSPs offer remote monitoring for anticipating threats and eliminating damages before they get manifested.

Way#7: Frequently Installing Updates and Performing Regular Backups

Not just SMEs but even large enterprises may find updates tracking & installation, and performing consistent backups a high-priced, labor-intensive liability due to the efforts it involves. However, by switching to managed Amazon cloud hosting, you pass-on this accountability to the MSPs and can concentrate on your core business operations. So, whether it is the installation of updates or performing backups, your MSP solicitously takes care of all by providing you with a compliant & secure operating model. As discussed, they also take care of daily infrastructure management, security & backup, compliance control, and cost optimization.

Way#8: Managing Compliance and Governance

Managing compliance is crucial not just because some industry standards need to be maintained but also for the protection of your digital assets. However, the fact that various third-party entities like government, security constitution, etc. take part in it, makes it even more complex for you. With such complexities, it could be risky & tedious to rely on your in-house team for managing the compliance, considering their duties & obligations. However, when your compliance control is attended by an MSP, staying compliant and secured becomes quite easy, for a dedicated team of cloud experts work for you on that.


For, they have got your back, you can have your complete peace of mind by outsourcing AWS hosting to an MSP. With them, you needn’t fret over the technicalities of the AWS cloud.  Whether it is migration, deployment, server management, performance optimization, or just anything, by opting for fully managed hosting in AWS you can rest assured that your AWS cloud infrastructure is in safe hands.

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