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UAE, India, Palestine, Europe
UAE, India, Palestine, Europe

AWS Workspaces secure and accessible from anywhere…

To embrace this digital edge, CEOs are telling their CIOs to spend more time and resource on digital transformation initiatives and worry less about managing infrastructure, deploying infrastructure and managing PCs.

It’s clear as crystal. AWS and Microsoft sees the future of Windows in the Cloud, not on the desktop. For now, virtual desktops are aimed for business users, but consumers is the next step.

In the meantime, Microsoft is exerting more control over our existing desktop. For example, users have no choice but to view banner ads in Mail, Calendar apps for Windows 10.

In the same way that everybody is moving their email to Office 365 in the cloud, organisations are now considering introducing VDI, Desktop-as-a-Service or Cloud Workspaces, so IT doesn’t have to worry about Windows. Employees can just connect into their workspace with a personal device or a Chromebook and get their desktops and applications in a secure manner.

AWS and Microsoft see the future of Windows in the Cloud


Embracing this means that organisations don’t have to buy infrastructure or hardware, and they don’t need to worry about how it’s secured or managed as much. This means that CIOs and IT teams can worry less about the infrastructure and spend more time focused on what the business wants them to do, which is digital transformation.

Modernize your desktops with AWS Cloud, access them anywhere, anytime, using any supported devices, iPad, Android, hosted in #AWS and at the same time fight back #COVID.

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